DimensionEngine provides advanced tools for scientific and engineering calculations.  

  • If your calculations involve multiple steps, our online Dimensional Equations Calculator is the fastest, easiest, most reliable way to solve problems involving units.  
    • Never convert units again.  Our online calculator automatically handles all units conversions, checks your equations for dimensional consistency, and outputs the results in whatever units you want.  You can even define your own units.
    • Working with vectors?  No problem, our online calculator knows all about dot and cross products.
    • Got Airy, Bessel, or Gamma functions?  Our online calculator knows all about them too...and many more, including many advanced mathematical functions Excel does not have. 

  • Extend the power of Excel with our Excel Add-Ins
    • In the age of smart devices, why are you still converting units?  Let our DimensionEngine Excel Add-In automatically handle your unit conversions.  Our add-in will also check all your calculations for dimensional consistency and output your results in whatever units you want.
    • Need to convert a combination of units like mile/hr or kg/m^2 in Excel?  No need to convert each units individually.  Our ChangeUnits Excel Add-In converts any combination of units in just one step.  
    • The GeogTools Excel Add-In provides specialized functions for converting between latitude and longitude, UTM, State Plane and select County coordinate systems.
    • The ChemUnits Excel Add-In calculates molecular weights (molecular mass) from any chemical formula and converts between any combinations of units involving chemical masses and concentrations.
    • The Physical Constants Add-In provides convenient access to many commonly used science and engineering constants.  Fully compatible with the DimensionEngine Add-In or can be used as a stand alone tool.
    • Our HydroTools is an Excel Add-In provides specialized functions for data and analyses commonly used in hydrology, including determining recurrence intervals from annual peak flow data and channel geometry metrics.

  • Just need to do quick units conversion?  Try our online units converter.  No long menus to slow you down.  Just type whatever combination of units you have and the units you want.  Of course, all conversions are checked to make sure they make sense.

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