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DimensionEngine was designed to help people make better use of the computer for dimensional calculations. It seems ironic that at colleges and universities, the people with the most computer access - engineers and scientists - still often do dimensional homework and problems by hand. In fact, many undergraduate homework assignments are designed with the belief that manual units conversion and calculation is an effective learning strategy. Regardless of the pedagogic advantages, no one likes manual, dimensional calculations: they're tedious, error-prone, and shift the focus from the underlying (and interesting!) science and engineering to a mind-numbing chore. All engineers and scientists can add numbers by hand, but no one does -- they all use calculators. All engineers and scientists can convert units by hand, but why should they? Let DimensionEngine do it instead.

What Makes DimensionEngine Different?

There is no shortage of computer tools out there to help convert units and perform dimensional mathematics. There are hundreds of on-line units conversion websites and software packages including spreadsheets (e.g., Excel) and engineering calculation software (e.g., MathCad). However, students rarely use these tools when doing homework. Why? Our guess is that they just aren't quicker or easier than doing it by hand.

Our goal with DimensionEngine was to make it quicker and easier than doing it by hand:

Give DimensionEngine a try! We think you'll agree that it really is better than doing it by hand!

About the Author

Tony Renshaw has an A.B. in Applied Mathematics from Harvard and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from U.C. Berkeley. As an engineer, he has worked on Space Station Freedom, designed washing machines and X-ray tubes at General Electric's Corporate Research and Development Center, and taught mechanical engineering as a professor at Columbia University. He holds seven US patents and has over 30 refereed publications. He currently lives in New York City and Hawaii.


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