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What Is DimensionEngine

The DimensionEngine calculator converts units and solves equations using any units - metric, English, or mixed. The engine does all needed conversions automatically, so you don't have to. There are no pull-down menus, and you aren't limited to a pre-programmed set of units. It's fast, easy, and free. Plus it's all text, so you can easily copy, paste and share your work.


Example 1: Converting Units

Suppose you want to convert 10 inches into centimeters. In the window under the INPUT tab,

The results automatically appear in window under the OUTPUT tab.
Your work is saved under the INPUT tab, so you can quickly and easily go back, edit any mistakes, and re-submit.
Use the CLEAR button to clear you INPUT.

10 inches; cm

Converting units.


Example 2: Convert Multiple Inputs, Multiple Times

To convert the same INPUT into multiple outputs:

To convert different INPUTs all at once:

10 inches; cm; ft
5 miles/hr; m/s; kph

Convert multiple inputs, multiple times.


Example 3: Dimensional Calculations

Use dimensional values in equations and let DimensionEngine do all the conversions for you.

3 cm * 5 in + 10 ft^2

Dimensional calculations.


Example 4: Dimensional Variables

Use dimensional variables to simplify your equations and INPUT.

x = 3 cm
y = 5 in
z = 10 ft^2
area = x * y + z; ft^2
frac_z = z / area

Dimensional Variables


Example 5: Math Library and Engineering Constants

DimensionEngine has an extensive library of math functions, engineering constants, and user-defined functions.

# Density of a Baseball
d = 9.39 in
vol = (4/3) * pi() * (d/2)^3
w = 21 oz
rho = w / (grav() * vol)

Extensive math functions and engineering constants