Never convert units again

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5 Min Quick Start

The DimensionEngine calculator solves equations with and without units. Explore the links below to learn more.

What Is DimensionEngine:

DimensionEngine is a calculator that performs calculations using dimensional units, automatically converting them correctly within equations, outputting answers in user-selected default or explicit units, and indicating when inconsistencies are present in your calculations so that errors can be identified and corrected.

DimensionEngine was created so that engineering and physics problems would not have to be "solved by hand". DimensionEngine does this work for you, so that the only way for an error to occur is to enter the wrong initial values or use the wrong equation. Everything else - all unit conversion, verification of dimensional consistency, and, of course, the actual computations - are handled by the computer. We wanted to make it as easy as possible to use and as hard as possible to make a mistake. DimensionEngine:

  • Is free for anyone with access to the Internet.
  • Is easy to use, with as little typing as possible.
  • Its syntax is as close to real world syntax as possible, both for math and units.
  • All input and output uses ASCII text, so you can easily save and exchange your work.
  • All equations are clearly visible, so you can easily check your work and debug it
  • The computer does all conversions and calculations, and catches and reports errors and dimensional inconsistencies.
  • When errors occur, it is fast and easy to go to the original input text, fix the errors, and re-submit the calculation, and get the correct answer.