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Applied Hydrogeology

by C. W. Fetter
Fourth Edition, Prentice Hall, New Jersey, 2001

Chapter 5: Ground-Water Flow to Wells

"Wells are one of the most important aspects of applied hydrogeology. Water wells are used for the extraction of ground water to fill domestic, municipal, industrial, and irrigation needs. Wells have also been used to control salt-water intrusion, remove contaminated water from an aquifier, lower the water table for construction projects, relieve pressures under dams, and drain farmland. Wells also function to inject fluids into the ground. On Long Island, New York, all ground water pumped for cooling purposes must be returned to the same aquifier by an injection well. Still another function of wells is to dispose of wastewater into isolated aquifiers. Finally, as a means of ground-waste management, wells are sometimes used to artificially recharge aquifiers at rates greater than natural recharge."

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