DimensionEngine Excel Add-Ins

Finally…a spreadsheet designed for science and engineering.  See here for an example of how the DimensionEngine Excel add-ins simplify science and engineering calculations while reducing errors.

DimensionEngine - The DimensionEngine Add-In for Excel is much more than a units converter.  DimensionEngine analyzes spreadsheet formulas, automatically converting units as necessary, outputting formula results and their units, and indicating when inconsistencies are present so that errors can be identified and corrected.  Fewer errors.  Less work.  All with just one click.  (Windows and Mac)

ChangeUnits - Need to convert a combination of units like mile/hr or kg/m^2 in Excel?  No need to convert each units individually.  Our ChangeUnits Add-In for Excel converts any combination of units in just one step.  (Windows and Mac)

GeogTools - GeogTools is an Excel add-in that provides specialized functions for (Windows only):

     • Converting latitude and longitude to UTM coordinates
     • Converting UTM coordinates to latitude and longitude
     • Converting U.S. State Plane (and Minnesota and Wisconsin County) coordinates to latitude and longitude

ChemUnits - ChemUnits is an Excel add-in that:

     • Calculates the formula mass of a chemical formula
     • Converts between combinations of units including chemical masses and concentrations

Physical Constants - Provides convenient access to common physical constants in science and engineering (Windows and Mac).  

     • Easily converts between all common units including both standard English and metric
Constants can be added directly into your regular Excel equations
     • Fully compatible with the DimensionEngine add-in.

HydroTools HydroTools is an Excel add-in that provides specialized functions for data and analyses commonly used in hydrology.  These functions allow you to easily determine (Windows only):

     • Channel area and wetted perimeter from topographic cross sections and water stage
     • Recurrence intervals from annual peak flow data
     • Channel geometry metrics such as slope and curvature

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