DimensionEngine Add-In for Excel


Even after careful development, 1% or more of all spreadsheet formulas contain errors, resulting in nine out of ten spreadsheets containing mistakes1.  The problem is so widespread, and consequences so profound, that there are now whole groups devoted to managing the risks associated with spreadsheet mistakes.

In traditional paper-and-pencil calculations, scientists and engineers have a powerful tool for reducing computational mistakes - dimensional analysis.  If the units of a result are incorrect, the chances are good that the calculation contains an error.  But because spreadsheet calculations do not include units, dimensional analysis of spreadsheet calculations has not been possible -- until now.

The DimensionEngine Add-In for Excel is much more than a units converter.  DimensionEngine analyzes spreadsheet formulas, automatically converting units as necessary, outputting formula results and their units, and indicating when inconsistencies are present so that errors can be identified and corrected.

As an add-in, DimensionEngine provides flexibility in how you design your spreadsheet.  There is only one simple convention to learn - the units for any value must be in the cell immediately to the right  of the cell containing the value.  That's it.  Variables and formulas can be entered anywhere in the spreadsheet, even on different worksheets.  All calculations are done quickly and efficiently just as with any other function.  And DimensionEngine output, including units, automatically update whenever any cell containing an input value or associated unit is changed.

Take a look at our QuickStart to see how DimensionEngine works.  Then give it a try.  DimensionEngine is free to download and try.  If you find it useful, spread the word and donate to our project to encourage further development.  If not, DimensionEngine is easily uninstalled.

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