GeogTools is an Excel add-in that provides specialized functions for:

  • Converting latitude and longitude to UTM coordinate
  • Converting UTM coordinates to latitude and longitude
  • Converting U.S. State Plane coordinates to latitude and longitude*
  • Converting to and from Minnesota and Wisconsin County Coordinate Systems

*Conversion from U.S. State Plane coordinates to latitude and longitude (using NAD83) uses an adaptation of the National Geodetic Survey's SPCS83 conversion program.

As an add-in, GeogTools allows you to convert between coordinate systems within Excel.  There is no need to use another program or web converter.  You do not to copy data to prescribed locations nor enable any macros.  Nor are extra worksheets required to process the data.  All calculations are done quickly and efficiently just as with any other Excel function.  

The conversions between UTM and latitude and longitude assumes the GRS80 ellipsoid -- the standard ellipsoid used by most GPS receivers. 

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