ConvertConc(InVal, InUnits, ChemFormula, ToUnits, [ToFormula])

Converts between chemical masses or concentrations

Input:        InVal = Value of input mass or concentration (number)

                  InUnits = The units of Val (text)

                 ChemFormula = Chemical formula of input (text)

                 ToUnits = The units to output (text)

                 ToFormula (optional) = Chemical formula of output (text)

Output:      Val expressed in ToUnits (number)

Note:  InUnits and ToUnits can be any combination of most common metric and/or English units.  In addition all the standard units for time, length, temperature, and their derived units (energy, force, pressure, velocity, etc.) listed here, ChemUnits also recognizes the following common chemical units:

moles, mole, mol
kilomoles, kilomole, kilomol, kmol
millimoles, millimole, millimol, mmol
micromoles, micromole, micromol, umol
nanomoles, nanomole, nanomol, nmol
Molar, molar, M
millimolar, mM
micromolar, uM
nanomolar, nM
ppm, ppb**

**ChemUnits defines ppm = mg/l and ppb = ug/l.

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