Dilute(Add_Volume_Units, Stock_Conc, Stock_Conc_Units, Stock_Formula, Final_Volume, Final_Volume_Units, Final_Conc, Final_Conc_Units, [Final_Formula])

Calculate volume of stock solution required to make specified dilution

Input:        Add_Volume_Units = Units of added volume of stock solution (number)

                  Stock_Conc = Concentration of stock solution (number)

                 Stock_Conc_Units = Stock concentration units (text)

                 Stock_Formula = Stock solution chemical formula (text)

                 Final_Volume = Final volume of dilution (number)

                 Final_Volume_Units = Units of final volume (text)

                 Final_Conc = Concentration of dilution (number)

                 Final_Conc_Units = Units of dilution concentration (text)

                 Final_Formula (optional) = Chemical formula of dillution (text)

Output:      Volume of stock solution requred to make specified dilution (number)

Note: ChemUnits recognizes the following common units for chemical concentrations:

Molar, molar, M
millimolar, mM
micromolar, uM
nanomolar, nM
ppm, ppb**

**ChemUnits defines ppm = mg/l and ppb = ug/l.

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