ReachAverage(Distances, Observations, Location, Reach_Scale, Average_Type)

Returns the average (smoothed) value of the observation at the specified location.

Input:       Distances = Horizontal distances the headwater along the channel (numbers)

                  Observations = Observed values at each horizontal location (numbers)

                 Location = Horizontal distance along the channel at which the average is calculated (number)

                  Reach_Scale = Average value is calculated from the value, at the specified location,
                        of a linear least squares fit to the observations along the reach that is +/- one Reach_Scale up-
                        and down-stream the specified location (number)

                  Average_Type = Average type: 0 = average over one reach scale both upstream and downstream of l
                        location, 1 = average over one reach scale upstream of location, 2 = average over one reach scale
                        downstream of location (number)

Output:      The reach-average (smoothed) value of the observation (number)

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